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Symfony is a PHP framework, started by the French company SensioLabs. It's an Open Source frameowkr and is maintained by a large online community. This big community is one of the reasons why I chose this framework, but other essential reasons are the ease of use and the high level of flexibility. Together with Symfony I use Doctrine, a library that forms a really useful layer between the code and the database. At the Symfony conference of 2012 in Paris I have successfully taken the Symfony2 certification exam.


AngularJS is an Open Source framework as well, but is used for frontend development. This means that it is used to add interactivity to static web pages. The core development team of AngularJS nowadays is sponsored by Google, but this framework also has a large thriving community. Because of the way AngularJS is set up, it is very simple to create the most impressive web applications.